Welcome Beautiful Souls!

 Divinity Woods


Hello and Welcome to Divinity Woods! 


My name is Jennifer and if you have found this page, I believe the Universe has brought us together.

My Story...

I abruptly began my spiritual awakening journey in April of 2021. The nonstop chills, the heightened intuition, the innate knowing a life changing transformation had begun, the unbelievable synchronizations and messages, the call to follow and trust in the Universe and Higher Self, and so much more quickly took place at the start of my awakening. The journey has been nonstop ever since.

While the start of my transformation came on fast and without warning, the intuitive gifts were always there.... Sally, my imaginary friend (who was far from imaginary) played with me for years when I was younger. Furthermore, the inner knowing that I was never alone due to the Spiritual presence I felt within and around me was present from a young age.

My journey has been filled with twists and turns and has led me here...to a place I am truly grateful for, a place influenced by following my dreams, a place filled with love and gratitude. Life is too short not to follow one's dreams, so I am here with an open heart. I am here with my beautiful three children, golden retriever pup, ocean nearby, and my growing intuitive gifts. What more could I ask for?

My Vision and Who I Am... 

I am drawn to spirituality, intuitive awareness, soul consciousness, and nature healing. I believe what lies beneath the surface offers depth and insight into growth and unlocks knowledge and intuitive abilities. Among my studies are Akashic Records reading and Soul Realignment® under the teachings of Andrea Hass and Soul Contract reading under the teachings of Nicolas David Ngan, making me a certified Soul Realignment® Practitioner and a certified Soul Contract Practitioner. Furthermore, I hold a Master’s in Education, Teaching Credential, and Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. I combine my life experience, intuition, and course studies into a vessel that leads me down a path of assisting others reach their highest potential.

I desire everyone to lead a life in alignment to their divinity as they make an imprint on the world. My dream is to live in a world where multiple truths are seen, where people desire unity over fighting, and where all feel safe to be seen and heard. I believe that a world driven by peace and a world that brings all souls together in understanding and in love, is not only possible, but already exists within us all.

I can be found me near my loves…the ocean and my children. I wish you all to find your bliss near your loves too.


Divinity Woods