Soul Contract

If you could peek into the intimate details of your Soul and gain information on your Soul's gifts, weakness/lessons to work through, goals in this life, and destiny, wouldn't you? That type of knowledge is life changing and can be found in your Soul Contract!  


What is a Soul Contract?

A soul Contract represents the life lessons or karma, talents, goals, and soul destiny that a Soul experiences in it’s human incarnation as represented through the energetic vibrations of a birth name. It may be looked at as a tool to understanding the self. For once an understanding forms of one’s inner world, a healing may take place that allows one to make a greater impact on the outer world. 


The Soul Contract uses a system of Numerology based on Ancient Hebrew, one of the Five Sacred Languages from which all reality emanated. Hebrew Gematria is then at it’s root and based on each letter’s numerical value deriving at a detailed meaning. The Soul Contract system has been used since ancient times, but overtime was lost. The system was brought back to life by Frank Alper in the 1980’s while at the Arizona Metaphysics Society. It is based on the 22 characters of the Hebrew Alphabet and the Star of David as represented by the Spiritual Map and Compass. It incorporates elements of Kabbalah, Tarot, and Astrology. 


The purpose of this Numerology is to help mankind understand it’s human incarnation as represented through one’s birth name. The birth name was chosen by the Soul prior to incarnation when in the higher dimensions. The energies of the name are influenced by the experiences of previous incarnations and with the direction of guides and masters. The birth name in the Soul Contract system may be looked at as “the cake”. If one uses a nickname, other name, or changes their name later in life, that name becomes an overlay. The overlay is like a layer of frosting added to the cake, or syrup being infused into the cake. Therefore one’s birth name often holds energies most aligned to that person, with the influences of other names adding to the experience. 


Let’s talk about symbols…

Symbols are the universal language for the transmission of energies. Frank Alper channeled symbols associated with each number in the Soul Contract system. Those symbols are included next to the number in one's Soul Contract and reveal themselves through their energy and power when studied.


Who should become aware of their soul contract?

Anyone can benefit from receiving a Soul Contract reading. Becoming aware of one’s lessons brings consciousness to those lessons, and consciousness leads to responsibility, which is the key to breaking patterns. Furthermore, when one tunes into their talents, goals, and destiny, one grows in ways beneficial to them. 


Gaining access to the Soul Contract of one’s child is very helpful to both the parent and the child as the parent may help direct the child in ways specific to the child’s energies. For example, a parent may encourage paths in creative endeavors when knowing their child holds the 6-6 physical talent, or the parent may work with the child on emotional regulation and grounding techniques when knowing their child holds the 8-8 physical karmic lesson. Each child has unique energies specific to them. Guiding a child in ways that compliment their specific energies can be hugely impactful as it helps to eliminate the focus on less needed lessons, while keeping the focus on the lessons most relevant to the child.


Soul Contracts may help in the dynamics of one’s relationships, for certain energies may cause triggers or clashes, while other energies compliment each other. Knowing the Soul Contract of one’s partner is helpful as it brings consciousness to strengths and weakness as seen through an objective lens.


Soul Contract Plan

Each contract is 40-50 pages in length!


Soul Contracts are offered via phone or zoom. In addition to the verbal explanation and reading, your personalized contract is also provided to you via email as a written PDF document. 


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Example of a Soul Contract:


Soul Contract Plan

Soul Contract Plan

Soul Contract Plan

Soul Contract Plan