Belief Systems

A note on belief systems…


The best definition of spirituality I ever heard was, “Spirituality is the study of all that is.” It is an exploration of energy and existence. Spirituality doesn’t focus on any one belief system or religion. It embraces all energy and therefore all religions, belief systems, science, psychology, metaphysics, oneness, etc. Spirituality is a quest for knowledge and a seeking of answers. 


Spirituality is no threat to any belief system due to it’s neutrality. The human’s interpretation of different belief systems may sometimes get the human into trouble, but it is said that the wise man knows there is no limitation on all that is and therefore places no restrictions on all possibilities. The limited man seeks answers only to validate what he already believes. That said, each person's truth is personal and heartfelt to them, therefore there is no judgement placed on truth. Furthermore, spiritual awakening involves a consciousness that turns the lights on in places that otherwise felt dark. It does this through questioning the ego and what it previously perceived to be true.


I welcome and embrace all beliefs. Belief systems often compliment each other with commonalities expressed in different languages that often say the same thing. Whether you have a belief system, practice a religion, or are on a quest for knowledge, you are welcome here, for…


YOU are the creator of your own beautiful and unique experience!


Divinity Woods